Bitcoin Equaliser Exchange Experience

After numerous people have enjoyed private trading with the trading of various underlying assets in recent years, the market has now evolved significantly. Providers such as Bitcoin Equaliser namely do not allow trading with the „classic“ trading commodities such as commodities, but focus on trading with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. A highly exciting topic, after all, the success story of Bitcoin is well known. All the more interesting are our Bitcoin Equaliser experiences, which we will now describe in more detail below.

The most important point when evaluating a provider is, of course, security. Therefore, you should take a look at the regulation and other security measures for all Bitcoin exchanges in advance. The market is now much more protected than it was a few years ago. Nevertheless, dishonest providers can never be ruled out. What is certain, however, is the fact that Bitcoin Equaliser is a reputable and reliable provider. The platform has been on the market for six years and has been able to write exclusively positive headlines in the last few years. According to our Bitcoin Equaliser experience, you can therefore trade here without hesitation.

Our experience at a glance

First and foremost, we can say about Bitcoin Equaliser that it is an enormously experienced provider that has been active on the market since 2012. According to its own statement, it is the largest Bitcoin exchange platform in the world, although this cannot be clearly proven at first. Nevertheless, this statement shows that this provider has a lot of plans and that is immediately apparent in the portfolio. As a special feature, it can certainly be mentioned that trading is possible here with a total of 22 cryptocurrencies. In addition, there is the possibility to bet on the price developments of various coins of the platform. Also exciting is a leverage of up to 3.3, which can be used for trading. For trading itself, a modern trading platform is provided, in which chart tools and other useful aids are offered. However, a download is not required for trading.

Regarding the fees, it can be stated that they are defined depending on the trading volume. Compared to the many competitors on the market, Bitcoin Equaliser can present itself well in this respect. Especially the transparency is convincing, because in addition to the individual fees, the „leading heads“ of the company can all be found on the website. Helpful: In addition to a customer support, an FAQ section and further explanations are also provided on the website, which should make it much easier for newcomers to get started.

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